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How to Cancel a Cheque | Steps for Writing a Canceled Cheque

How to write canceled cheque

At times you are asked to submit a cancel cheque to verify your bank account. This can be for completing your KYC, for a number of bank verification processes, or maybe for some other reason.

The best way to cancel a cheque is to strike two lines across the cheque and write the word “CANCELED” across it.


In this article, you will get to know the following points about canceling a cheque,

  1. Steps to cancel a cheque
  2. Uses of a canceled cheque
  3. Things to keep in mind

Let’s see each of these points in detail…

Steps to cancel a cheque

Cancelled Cheque

To write a canceled cheque,

  1. First, take an empty cheque from your bank chequebook.
  2. Make sure it’s NOT signed.
  3. Now strike two lines diagonally across the cheque with a blue pen.
  4. Next, write the word ‘Cancelled’ between the lines.

By following these steps you can easily write a canceled cheque.


Uses of a canceled cheque

A canceled cheque can be used in a number of places such as,

  1. To verify your bank account during KYC.
  2. As a proof of bank account while taking a loan.
  3. To verify your bank while withdrawing your PF.
  4. For bank account verification while investing in Mutual Funds or buying insurance policy.

Things to keep in mind while canceling a cheque

Things you should keep in mind while canceling a cheque are,

  1. Do not sign the canceled cheque.
  2. It is recommeded to write the word ‘CANCELED’ in caps.
  3. Try using a blue pen while writing a canceled cheque.

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